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Join The Accompanying 6-Week NLP Masterclass To Learn How To Harness NLP To Change Old Habits & Behaviours, Live Your Optimum Life, & Help Others To Do The Same.

Join Best-Selling Author, Ali Campbell, for 6 Weeks of LIVE NLP Training Sessions

Ali Campbell will be hosting the sessions on an exclusive and private Facebook Group of likeminded people, so you can follow along, ask questions, and even join in on the training. You will have LIFETIME access to the group, and the training sessions will remain there to access after the live sessions are complete.

The Comprehensive 6-Week NLP Masterclass:

Week 1:

Introduction to NLP

Here we will lay solid foundations for your learning and set out the key principles you will be working with and show you why NLP is one of the most effective modalities for change in the world today.

Thursday 9th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 2:

Communication & Rapport Building

Working with others with NLP to communicate better, get what you want more of the time, and help others to do the same.

Thursday 16th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 3:

Fixing Phobias & Traumas

Changing how people feel, fixing phobias, and eliminating trauma, often in a matter of minutes.

Thursday 23th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 4:

Emotional Wellbeing

How to get the very best out of yourself, play at your very most more of the time, and do less damage when you’re not.

Thursday 30st March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 5:

Advanced NLP Techniques

The ‘stars’ of NLP. These are some of the best-known and most powerful NLP techniques, but I’ll teach you how to use them to even greater effect.

Thursday 6th April

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 6:

Change Personal History & Identity

If you’ve ever wished that you knew then what you know now, then this is the module for you. Change personal history, remove blockages, live from your true identity, and much more.

Thursday 13th April

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 7:

BONUS: How to Build & Scale a Practice

Learn the methods I used to build a multi-6-figure practice and how I teach my apprentices to do the same.

Thursday 20th April

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

"NLP Is A Fantastic Way To 'Re-Set' Quickly & Easily And A Great Steppingstone To Living With A Sense Of Ease And Flow."

Whether you’re already and therapist wanting to get better and get better results or whether you’re joining us for your own personal development, this Masterclass is like no other. 
You will not learn this anywhere else… 
What you will learn is based on MY work, on MY journey and what has built MY success and a life for myself and my family that I never dreamed was possible… YOU can be next.
Now through Facebook Live, I will be teaching the very best of what I know. 
You might already know me from my work on TV or in the press, or for one of my best-selling books, but what you maybe don’t know is how that came about, and the role NLP played in my own life. 
Studying NLP was actually where it all began for me…
I had left my ‘proper’ job to go back to being a personal trainer and through quite a few ‘coincidences’ found myself on an NLP course with Dr. Richard BandlerPaul McKenna, and my now good friend, Michael Neill
Learning NLP was like being handed the instruction manual for my own head
I didn’t even realise that I could have peace and quiet in my mind, let alone how to achieve it. 
NLP gave me that and I will be forever grateful to Richard and John Grinder for what they created.
Fast-forward several years… 
My own practice grew and developed, as people got better faster and with more ease than ever before. 
My own NLP work developed and changed until I found what really works for me and for thousands of people around the world
No matter where you are starting from or what you have been struggling with. 
If your familiar with the fields this could be described as a blend of NLP and 3 Principles philosophy,  but whatever you call it, it works… 
With all walks of life and with all issues I commonly work with. 
Now you can learn the secret of what I have really been doing all this time, no matter where you are starting from or what you have been struggling with
It has been said that I am one of the best in the world at NLP and indeed Hollywood Supercoach, Michael Neill, said – ‘Ali is one of the best NLP’ers I have seen in nearly 20 years of teaching’.

Recent Course Testimonials

Author Of Best-Selling Book "NLP Made Easy"

Published by Hay House, this book is an introduction to one of the most powerful psychological techniques available today and how you can use it to make positive changes in your life. 
I present techniques for making small changes on the inside that will make huge differences on the outside, because when you change your mind, you can change your life.
This book has become an International Bestseller and has allowed me to become a trusted advisor to many high-profile clients.

About Ali Campbell

Ali Campbell is one of the World’s Leading Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, and NLP’ers. 
He has built an enviable reputation as a highly motivational Coach, Therapist, Author, and Presenter. Ali is the creator of the internationally acclaimed weight loss solution, ‘The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets’ sold in over 52 countries and an internationally bestselling author with ‘Just Get On With It – A caring compassionate kick up the ass’, published last year by Hay House, even outselling the Dalai Lama. 
He is a trusted advisor to celebrities, business leaders, and even royalty, around the world. In the UK, Ali is widely featured in the media, on television, radio, and in print. 
With expertise gained right at the cutting edge of personal development, Ali’s no-nonsense ‘arm round your shoulder and a kick up the butt’ style makes him truly unique in a field often dominated by more spin than substance.