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My Accompanying Nutritionist Masterclass Goes Hand-In-Hand With Your Wellness Training As We'll Delve Into Human Digestion, Personalised Meal Plans, and The Principles Of Healthy Eating.

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“This Masterclass Gives The Answers To The Questions Everyone Needs To Know In Order To Live Longer And Healthier While Providing The Perfect Springboard To Starting A Career In The Realm Of Health & Wellness.”
Healthy food provides us with the nutrients and energy necessary to develop and grow, be active and healthy, to move, play, work, think and learn.
In fact, the understanding of all aspects of nutrition will help you overcome dietary issues such as bloating, IBS, leaky gut, and food intolerances.
However, many of us continue to eat foods that may lead to health problems later down the line or, EVEN WORSE, are currently on rigid diets that may actually be doing more harm than good.
Instead of making erroneous health claims or claiming that this course holds “the real secret” to shed body fat, gain muscle, and harness your energy…
We’ll be delving into the reality of what it really takes to achieve your health goals AND even how you can help others to do the same.
The 6-Week Nutritionist Masterclass gives you the opportunity to join one of the UK’s most established nutrition experts for comprehensive live training and coaching.
Inside this Masterclass, Amanda Hamilton will be covering some of the basics of nutrition and wellbeing while moving quickly into some of the more intricate dietary methods behind more complex cases.
The programme allows you to understand the intricacies of your food intake and allows you to actively identify healthy and balanced foods that can provide nutritional value in a way that achieves your personal health goals.
In fact, the course can even act as a springboard to becoming a certified coach or practitioner in the future.
Time and time again, people who have worked with Amanda have said her expertise, along with her science-based, yet practical, tips and professional advice, have had a dramatic impact on both their day-to-day and long-term health.
Now it’s your turn to join an informed group of people, people who wish to begin to truly understand food and nutrition and how it can help them and work for them and their families’ long-term health.
Imagine having this knowledge at your fingertips…
Think about how your energy levels, body, and mind could change if you had the same knowledge…
How would it feel to enjoy the success you deserve?
AND… How good would it feel to be able to help others do the same?
Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, you will find approaches and methods on this course that will take your health and wellbeing to the next level.
What you will learn on this course is based on nearly two decades of experience, eight internationally syndicated TV series, and four books, the latest of which became a number one Amazon bestseller.
Amanda has conducted client sessions from every walk of life and from all over the globe.
Her sessions and programmes are not only about food.. they are about people … and their lives, and empowering her clients to make the best choices, choices that can alleviate their health issues and change their lives.

"Healthy Eating Should Be About Abundance And Diversity Rather Than Avoidance. It Should Celebrate Deliciously Natural And Sustainable Ingredients That Are Enjoyable And Accessible For All."

As part of your training with Amanda, you’ll delve into the science behind gut health.
Most health professionals agree that your overall health and wellbeing starts with what’s known as the gut microbiome.
The trillions of bacteria that live in the gut and differ hugely from person to person are responsible for your unique response to food. These microbes impact on your weight, health, and mood
Indeed, research now reveals why stubborn fat, lethargy, dodgy digestion, poor skin, and even conditions such as Alzheimer’s are strongly linked to an unbalanced gut, and how re-nourishing the gut with the right foods could finally solve those frustrations, for good.
It came as no surprise that BBC’s programme Trust Me, I’m A Doctor confirmed the microbiome as 2017’s hottest health topic and led Amanda to write the best-selling book, ‘G-Plan Diet’.
In so many ways, healing the gut and improving digestion are interlinked with detoxification too… all of which is covered in detail inside the Masterclass.
Over the many years of running detox retreats, Amanda has seen dramatic improvements in symptoms such as bloating, IBS, leaky gut, and food intolerances.
Hence, you’ll spend time with Amanda delving deeply into how to retain bacteria and create a happy and healthy gut for you and your clients.
In Amanda’s own words….
“This Masterclass gives me an opportunity to provide a level of training and coaching I’ve never been able to do before. I will take you on a journey that goes well beyond the endless number of dietary guides, cookbooks, and fad training… and give you a comprehensive, insightful, and holistic view on what it takes to take control of your health and wellbeing and become a world-class nutrition specialist.”

"Each week you’ll receive a nutritionist challenge - helping you ‘learn on the job’. Don’t worry, these challenges will be manageable and sustainable adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that add up to something wonderful, after just 6 weeks!"

Week 1:

The Foundations of Optimum Nutrition

During the first session we will be laying the foundations of good nutrition and looking at the role of healthy eating in wider wellbeing. We will debunk myths and help you to understand recent trends. You will begin to understand the web of interactions between nutritional, dietary, social, behavioural, and environmental factors, and how they impact health and energy.
You’ll learn about the impact of the circadian rhythm and the importance of sleep, and you’ll be introduced to the concept of personalised nutrition and how it relates to your overall lifestyle.

Wednesday 22th February

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)

Week 2:

What Really Makes Up a Healthy Plate?

What really makes up a healthy plate? What skills do you need to understand which foods are fantastically healthy and which are just marketing hype? Learn about the terminology of nutrition and how to make sense of it all, from macro and micronutrients, protein, carbs, fibre, and fats. You’ll learn which foods contain a high nutrient value, and those that don’t, and we’ll review the subjects of ‘superfoods’ and functional foods. We finish by reviewing the language of food labels – a dramatic insight into the marketing of foods, healthy or otherwise!

Wednesday 1st March

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)

Week 3:

Understanding Harmful Foods, Trigger Foods, and Toxins - and What To Do About Them

Understanding harmful foods, toxins, and the impact of sugar is a vital skill to support long-term health, particularly in a world where processed foods dominate. You’ll begin to understand how to pick up on hidden health signals when a body is struggling with poor nutrition, and work through the controversial subject of detoxification. If you are willing, you can join in the 7-day sugar detox challenge!

Wednesday 8th March

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)

Week 4:

Inner Health

It’s long been understood that the majority of so-called ‘lifestyle-related’ diseases are driven by your inner health. In this fascinating session, we delve into the subjects of gut health, metabolic health, and wider hormonal health, all of which are hugely influenced, positively or negatively, by your daily nutrition choices. We’ll also touch upon the subjects of food allergies and intolerances, bloating and IBS, and skin health.

Wednesday 15th March

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)

Week 5:

Managing Weight & Shape, & Bringing It All Together

Nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body goals than any other aspect of lifestyle, including exercise. So, if you, or others, struggle with getting or staying in shape, then this Masterclass will provide the key information to help you achieve the results you crave. You’ll learn how to bring what you’ve learned together into a healthy day’s nutrition, reviewing what an ideal 24hrs looks like to help you feel back to your best, including sleep and exercise.

Wednesday 22th March

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)

Week 6:

Thinking About a Career in Nutrition?

This final session is designed to help aspiring nutritionists and nutrition coaches better understand the key issues and questions that arise during the educational process. We will also discuss the steps you can take TODAY to kick-start your onward journey to becoming a practitioner.

Wednesday 29th March

7pm - 8:30pm (London / UK Time)