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This Masterclass Goes Hand-In-Hand With Your Nutrition Training As We Delve Into Your Diet, Understand How To Manage Your Metabolism, Improve Energy Levels, Learn ‘Life Hack’ Exercise Routines, Mental Health Strategies, & More To Improve Your Own Life And That Of Others Through Six Weeks Of Live Training.

“This Masterclass is designed to help support yourself and others step-by-step to implement and sustain transformative lifestyle and behaviour changes that contribute to a healthier and happier life.”

During our time together, you’ll learn proven natural ways to look and feel great, to enhance your energy levels, reduce fatigue and stress so you can feel like the real you, on a good day, every day. You’ll benefit from the ancient wisdom of naturopathic style medicine and modern-day holistic principles, including, of course, sound advice on diet and exercise.
We’ll take a holistic view of your overall body, mindset, and lifestyle, after all, nothing, or nobody, exists in isolation and you’ll still be able to enjoy many of the things you really love.
We’ll also delve into the realms of plant-based healing foods to discover how easily you can help the body to heal and detoxify.
This is a powerful field that requires a deeper understanding than is usually offered anywhere else.
These are the proven ‘science-backed secrets’ that achieve results time and again, and will get results for you too.
But this course is not just about the science of being healthy, it’s really about appreciating the many different ways we can help our bodies shift from just feeling fine and getting by, to feeling great and thriving, and then finding the exact route that’s ideal for you.
When you join the Women’s Wellness Masterclass with Amanda, you’ll receive a unique insight into the powers of nutrition for wellbeing and natural healing shared here for the first time, like never before.
You’ll also learn the proven principles of optimum nutrition and a way of living that naturally aligns the body back to its own rhythm.
The great news is that much of what you will learn is made extremely practical, is easy to follow and even easier to implement… think of your transformations as ‘a wellness makeover of everyday foods, habits and lifestyle changes’ that can deliver powerful and long-lasting results, and that is also kinder to the environment around you too.
The programme allows you to understand the intricacies of your food intake and allows you to actively identify healthy and balanced foods that can provide nutritional value in a way that achieves your personal health goals.
In fact, the course can even act as a springboard to becoming a certified coach or practitioner in the future.
Time and time again, people who have worked with Amanda have said her expertise, along with her science-based, yet practical, tips and professional advice, have had a dramatic impact on both their day-to-day and long-term health.
Now it’s your turn to join an informed group of people, people who wish to begin to truly understand food and nutrition and how it can help them and work for them and their families’ long-term health.
Imagine having this knowledge at your fingertips…
Think about how your energy levels, body, and mind could change if you had the same knowledge…
How would it feel to enjoy the success you deserve?
AND… How good would it feel to be able to help others do the same?
Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, you will find approaches and methods on this course that will take your health and wellbeing to the next level.
What you will learn on this course is based on nearly two decades of experience, eight internationally syndicated TV series, and four books, the latest of which became a number one Amazon bestseller.
Amanda has conducted client sessions from every walk of life and from all over the globe.
Her sessions and programmes are not only about food.. they are about people … and their lives, and empowering her clients to make the best choices, choices that can alleviate their health issues and change their lives.

But wait, there's more...

“This Masterclass is also perfect for those on a journey to becoming a nutrition professional or certified health coach.”
More and more people are trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle and health coaches have been at the forefront of this influential and global movement.
Wellness coaches are certified to help their clients enhance their motivation, improve their health and overall wellbeing, leverage their strengths, and navigate their clients’ individual journeys of change whilst, at the same time, building powerful psychological resources to maintain positivity, hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience. If that sounds like the kind of person you’d like to become, then you are in exactly the right place.
If you choose to progress on to become a coach, you can work with people to identify any barriers to getting enough exercise, eating better, and maintaining that all-so-important healthy lifestyle.
You can even explore their attitudes toward exercise and unpack any resistance or fears that they may have.
How many times have you heard someone say they’d love to ‘get back in shape’, ‘lose weight’, ‘gain muscle’, or ‘have more energy’? ‘Sleep better’, ‘feel less stressed’, ‘improve their concentration or mood’, or wish they had ‘a stronger immune system’? As a wellness coach, you will be able to help them achieve all of this, helping them to live their life to their full potential. I think you can see why wellness coaching is one of THE booming industries of our time.
According to a 2018 study by Marketdata, 60% of people in the United States would want to work with a health coach and with demand SKY-ROCKETING worldwide, particularly in recent years, it’s only the beginning, so your timing is perfect. Add to that being guided by one of the very best wellness coaches anywhere in the world, and you have the winning formula right here.
Imagine being able to reach your own health and wellness goals while making a great living from doing the same for others… Just really imagine that for a second.
In fact, many health coaches make over SIX-FIGURES and use their skills to host retreats, online courses, and even publish books, just like Amanda has been doing for nearly two decades…
In fact, Amanda Hamilton has hosted over eight TV series and published four books on health and wellness, the most recent of which became an Amazon Number One Best Seller. That’s the kind of teacher you want to kickstart your own success.
Time and time again, people who have worked with Amanda have said her coaching, with her practical tips and professional advice, has had a dramatic impact on both their day-to-day and long-term health.
This Masterclass provides the perfect springboard into the world of health and wellness coaching with one of the UK’s most established health and nutrition experts.
The programme allows you to fully understand the science behind how Amanda’s coaching works so well and to understand exactly what is involved in becoming a health and wellness coach, while also providing you with a ‘fast-track’ to further online education and even become fully certified yourself.
The Masterclass even includes a BONUS SESSION where you’ll learn exactly how to set up and build your own successful health and wellness coaching practice from the ground up, no matter where you are starting from.
You’ll even begin to learn the marketing strategies behind gaining popularity and the secret alchemy of client attraction and retention.
Now it’s your turn to join a select group of likeminded people, people who truly understand food and nutrition at such a level that whatever their health goals… they have an EXACT roadmap to achieve it.

What We'll Cover Together...

Week 1:

The World of Wellbeing

During the first session we will be laying the foundations of the wellbeing landscape, looking at the roles of healthy eating, detoxification, and natural healing. We will debunk myths and help you to understand recent trends.
You will begin to understand the web of interactions between your mind, your body, and the environment, and how they impact your health and energy. You’ll also be guided through creating a powerful ‘detox-at-home’ experience to try out during the 6-week period.

Thursday 2nd March

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)

Week 2:


You’ll learn about the impact of toxins in your food and your environment, begin to understand how to pick up on hidden health signals when a body is struggling with poor nutrition, and work through the controversial subject of detoxification. You’ll be given tools to assess your own ‘toxic load’ and advice on how to improve your work and home environment.

Thursday 9th March

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)

Week 3:

Move, Sleep, and Motivate

This week we look at the ways we can support wellbeing, focusing on exercise, movement, sleep, and the importance of having a purpose. You will be guided through a Life Coaching exercise to help you clarify and define your purpose in life. This class will end with a series of Pilates-based exercises you can try out at home.

Thursday 16th March

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)

Week 4:

How To Incorporate Healing Foods into Your Diet

During this illuminating session we’ll be working through the trends and ingredients that make up healing diets, both ancient and modern.
You’ll learn about the importance of choosing foods that nourish gut health in addition to reviewing specialist healing foods such as bone broth, raw food, and organic vs. non-organic. We will undertake a ‘makeover’ of some everyday meals to help you understand how to lighten the load on your body through simple dietary edits, including how to detox from sugar.

Thursday 23th March

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)

Week 5:

Improve Hormone Balance & Increase your Resilience to Stress

We will look at the changing needs for a woman’s diet, lifestyle habits, and exercise routines during the patterns of the menstrual cycle, in addition to the perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal years. Learn how to balance energy, appetite, and wellbeing throughout hormonal fluctuations. We will also look at stress hormones, as well as how, and why, they are closely linked to weight gain around the middle.

Thursday 30th March

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)

Week 6:

Thinking About a Career in Wellness?

This final session is designed to help aspiring Health & Wellness Coaches better understand the key issues and questions that arise during the educational process. We will also discuss the steps you can take TODAY to kick-start your journey to becoming a practitioner.

Thursday 6th April

7-8:30pm (UK / London Time)