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"Discover Anti-Ageing Secrets That ACTUALLY Work. Rewind Your Clock Using All-Natural Practices To Trigger 'Youth Cues'. Restore Lost Energy, Improve Your Mood, And Reverse The Impact Of Age On Your Body"

Imagine waking up after a good night’s sleep feeling restored.

Now imagine feeling that good all the time. It’s possible. In fact, the only thing standing in our path is our age. Age impacts all of us.
But what if it didn’t have to?
What if there was an all-natural way to turn back the clock’s effect on your body, to feel better, calmer, less stressed, and even…younger?
What if those same practices also turned back your mental clock and increased your cognitive speed so you see things clearly, can solve difficult problems quickly and feel ready for anything, like you did years ago?…
With Jayney’s anti-ageing practices, you can. Her secret? Creating ‘youth cues’ to train your brain and body to reverse the impact of ageing. What are ‘youth cues’?
Youth cues are biological and mental triggers that reverse age’s impact on our body. Youth cues: –
Youth cues are biological and mental triggers that reverse age’s impact on our body. Youth cues: –

Now is your chance to harness the transformative, anti-ageing power of youth cues to turn back your cognitive clock and reverse the impact of ageing!

Join Jayney as she teaches you how to harness these youth cues through mindfulness, meditation, neurobiology, and more – in just 6 weeks!
This isn’t pseudo-science or magic. This is cognitive transformations, physical practices, and mental triggers to retrain your brain and body to reverse the impact age has on your life.
Is this right for you? Good question.
If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, feel worn down, and feel as though you can’t keep up with the people around you, Jayney can help.
If you feel like you struggle to remember things, find yourself losing attention during important conversations, and feel as if you spend most of your day going around lost in a fog, Jayney can help!
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"Join Jayney As She Shares Her Most Powerful Practices In This Six-Week Masterclass. Learn The Secrets From Her Best Selling Anti-Ageing Book So You Can Rewind Your Clock NATURALLY..."

Week 1:

Why Ageing is More Optional than We Think

Week one has Jayney laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Here you’ll learn how to use the neurobiology of happiness to improve your life, discover the impact inflammation has on your body, learn what a ‘youth cue’ really is (and how to use it to feel younger), as well as understand the power of mindset, and the difference between biological and chronological ageing (and which one ACTUALLY affects your life).

Thursday 16th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 2:

Mindset Matters – Ageing is 95% in the mind

Week two teaches you the anti-ageing properties of ‘immersion environments’ and how to use them to activate your ‘youth cues’. You’ll learn about the counterclockwise study, how it charts the course to reverse the impact of ageing, and how real age is all about your mindset.

Thursday 23th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 3:

Cultivating Your Happiness

In this module you’ll learn how to reshape your brain using the neurobiology of happiness. You’ll learn a simple meditation to support your transformation using the love you share with others to tap your personal, perpetual fountain of youth. Discover the simple gratitude practice that instantly makes you cognitively younger!

Thursday 30th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 4:

Inflammation in Ageing and How to Reverse It

In this week’s session we discover how to reverse the impact of ageing by understanding the role inflammation plays in it. You’ll learn to lower inflammation using a relaxation meditation. The meditation will restore your body and build mental resilience to help you get, and stay, mentally young. Jayney also shares exercise and nutrition tips to naturally combat inflammation.

Thursday 6th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Extra content: Sleep, Your Resting Superpower

Week 5:

Nutrition Principles for Optimal Health and Longevity

This is where you’ll learn how to use nutritionally-dense foods to make you look, feel, and live better. Jayney busts the myth that healthy food is expensive, gives you easy to follow strategies to enjoy eating out, AND get the nutrition you need to stay young. Plus, she shares her famous green smoothie that actually tastes good (no joke, it’s good!) and which also repairs free radical damage in your body!

Thursday 13th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 6:

Cognitive Health – Boosting Your Brain Power with Specific Approaches

In the final week Jayney will show you how to boost your cognitive function and amplify the impact of all the work you’ve done up to this point. Along with this, she’ll share mental tricks to increase your neurodiversity, expand the impact of your youth cues, and how to get more out of your meditations.

Thursday 20th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 7:

BONUS SESSION: Thinking About a Career in Holistic Health?

This exclusive bonus module is designed to help aspiring coaches better understand the key issues and questions that arise during the educational process. We will also discuss the steps you can take TODAY to kick-start your journey to becoming a practitioner.

Thursday 27th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)