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This Masterclass Goes Hand-In-Hand With Your Holistic Health & Longevity Training As We Discover The BEST Way To Naturally Improve Your Health, Wellness, And Mental Energy In Just 6 Weeks, Practising Only A Few Minutes Each Day

"Learn How To Renew Your Purpose To Life, Heal From Past Hurts, Repair Broken Relationships, And Develop Lifelong Resilience Using Simple Techniques…In Just 6 Weeks!"

There is wonder, joy, and love of life-and most people miss it.

The reason why? They’re distracted by the likes of stress, fear, guilt, past traumas, etc.
Mindfulness can change that.
With mindfulness, you can develop the resilience you need to thrive in any situation, release past traumas and start healing, mend broken relationships, and experience joy with renewed purpose, and I should know!
I’ve taught mindfulness for the last 35 years to people all over the world. I’ve helped: –

All this, and more, is possible with mindfulness!

Mindfulness is more than just a practice, it’s yoga for the mind, and medicine for the soul.
It connects your mind and heart with the beauty, joy, and blessings around you, and lifts you up. Rise with me and let’s learn to live our best lives, find joy in our new purpose, and develop lifelong resilience to enjoy life and all its wonder, to the fullest!

Join Jayney As She Teaches You How To Take Control Of Your Situation And Develop Limitless Positive Energy. Rebuild An Invincible Mindset WITHOUT Drugs, Counselling Sessions, Or Working Out With A Private Trainer, In Just Six Weeks!

Week 1:

Introduction to Mindfulness For All

See and feel results in your first week! Here you’ll learn what mindfulness is, the different practices you’ll use, how to apply the practices, and a relaxation practice to immediately de-stress and create the mind-body connection you need to thrive.

Practical ‘take away’ – You will learn what ‘The Relaxation Response’ (pioneered by Dr Herbert Benson – the “Father of Mind/Body Medicine” from Harvard Medical School) is and how to do it effectively in your own life.

Wednesday 8th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 2:

Mindfulness Made Really Easy

In week two you’ll learn the same practices the Royal British Military uses to help soldiers remain resilient in the most challenging situations, a simple 12-minute meditation we call ‘Calm in the Hurricane’, and 10 lifestyle strategies to grow resilience naturally, every day!

Practical ‘take away’ – A 12-minute guided mindfulness meditation to build resilience – ‘Calm in the Hurricane’

Wednesday 15th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 3:

The Kindness and Compassion Equation

This module walks you through re-training your mind to exist in a state of joy and abundance. You’ll learn how to use simple acts of kindness to reframe your thoughts from scarcity and experience an all-natural ‘kindness high’.

Wednesday 22th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 4:

Gratitude, Happiness, and the Neurobiology of Happiness

Here you’ll dive into how mindfulness is the ‘Yoga of the Mind’. You’ll discover a simple gratitude practice you can do anywhere that’ll increase neuroplasticity, resilience, and stillness.

Wednesday 29th March

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 5:

Life Purpose and Ikigai

This module shows you how to transform trauma, hurt, and harm…into healing. Using a simple set of prompts, you’ll reframe your mindset to grow your sense of meaning and set a newer, and more beautiful purpose for your life.

Wednesday 5th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 6:

Why Making Connections Matters Most

In this final week you’ll discover how to apply these practices towards your social connections, rebuild broken and bruised relationships, and experience that wonderful, all-natural ‘helper’s high’.

Wednesday 12th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)

Week 7:

BONUS SESSION: Thinking About a Career in Mindfulness?

This exclusive bonus module is designed to help aspiring coaches better understand the key issues and questions that arise during the educational process. We will also discuss the steps you can take TODAY to kick-start your journey to becoming a practitioner.

Wednesday 19th April

7pm - 9pm (London / UK Time)


‘Special Guest’ content from a genuine world-leader in the field

This your chance to study with not just one, but 2 of the best leaders in the scientific field of mindfulness. If you’ve ever dreamed of studying at the likes of Harvard, Yale, or Cambridge, this is your chance to get ‘up close’ to that level of expertise, all guided by Jayney herself to keep it really practical and easy to understand. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!