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This Masterclass goes hand-in-hand with the Psychic Development Masterclass as you will learn how to experience and communicate the power and presence of the cards. You will also discover abilities that you never thought possible and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

You won't want to miss this!

Richard will be hosting an exclusive live training for those who are simply curious, or feel they have a calling to be able to look clearly into the future and do the same for others.

The tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for gaining insight into the journey through life, but you need to know how to unlock those secrets…
By now you must be wondering why an internationally renowned Master like Richard Knight is prepared to share his secrets and why Richard has a mission to reveal how he works like never before.
“I want to share my secrets with everyone so the power of the Tarot can be carried forward by a new generation of Tarot readers and continue to help a great many more people for years to come.”
How is it that things come very easily to some, and yet others have to work hard their whole life? Do those on ‘easy street’ know something that you don’t?
How is it that some appear to always know the right thing to do, the right choice to make, and be able to set themselves up for success? Where do they get those answers and insights?
Now it’s your turn to join that group of people, where guidance is always at your fingertips, and will be for the rest of your life.
Imagine being able to make better choices…
Think about how your life could change if only you knew those same secrets…
How would it feel to enjoy the success you deserve?
AND… How good would it feel to be able to help others do the same?
“In this six-week programme I will share insights that you won’t find in any books on the Tarot, techniques that I have honed over 40 years’ working with over 80,000 clients around the world.” 
Have a look at what you’ll be learning below…

Learn How To Give Incredibly Accurate & Inspirational Readings From A True Tarot Master

“Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in reading the tarot, you will find approaches on this course that will take your readings to the next level.”
“You will not learn this anywhere else …”
“What you will learn on this course is based on decades of experience reading for clients from every walk of life and from all over the globe. Real Tarot reading is not only about the cards, it’s about people … and their lives, and I have empowered my clients to make the best choices, choices that can truly change their lives.”
“With my trusted deck of Tarot cards in my pocket, I have been able to live a life of freedom and provide an amazing life for my family.”
“The Tarot has taken me all over the world and allowed me to work with VIPs and celebrities from the worlds of Fashion, Television and Movies.”
“Those same people who often appear to have it easy in life… I wonder if there’s a coincidence?”
“My life changed forever when, at the age of 5, when I was given a deck of Tarot as a present and I became fascinated by the strange and mystical pictures.”
“I became obsessed and tried to learn everything I could, and soon I was giving readings to everyone who would stop and listen.”
“Within a few years, I was appearing on TV and being featured in almost every newspaper in the UK. I began to receive requests from all over the world to read for the rich and famous. I would find myself reading the Tarot in exquisite apartments in Venice or Milan and then flying out to see clients in penthouses in Las Vegas…”
“All in a day’s work, but why?”
“Because what I was able to share with my clients was ‘priceless’ to them. The insight they gained enabled them to make decisions that would turn into millions of dollars, or a happy marriage or the right career move. How can you put a price on that?”
“All this from a deck of Tarot cards … AND knowing how to unlock their hidden secrets.”
“And now, I’ll show you how to unlock those same Tarot secrets and change your life forever and help transform the lives of others too.”

"In This Six-Week Programme I Will Be Sharing My Very Best Techniques, The Same Powerful Methods I Have Developed During 40 Years' Working With This Incredibly Powerful And Life-Changing Tool."

Richard will show you a straightforward approach to understanding the Tarot that will really resonate with yourself and your clients. “I don’t do mystical mumbo-jumbo! I work in ‘facts’ so that you can too!”
You will learn how to really understand and connect to your clients on a deep level, so that you can help them gain clarity and overcome their obstacles.
By the end of the 6-week Masterclass you will be able to effortlessly give accurate and flowing readings that yield both meaning and inspiration for your clients, who will be ‘blown away’. But Richard wants to help YOU first.
If you are a beginner with the Tarot, this course will give you everything you need to learn the cards and be able to give amazing readings.
If you already have experience with the Tarot, then this course is a game-changer. You will sit with a renowned Tarot Master for 6 weeks as he shares the Real Secrets that simply don’t come from books.
You will be able to ask questions and get personal advice and answers to any issues that you have on the Tarot.
You will see Richard give live readings and then learn from him as he breaks down what he said and why he said it.
And finally, because this information is being shared in a private Facebook group amongst a community of likeminded individuals, you can practise your skills with other members if you wish.

The 6-Week Curriculum

Week 1:

Introduction to the Tarot

In this session we will lay the solid foundations for your learning, setting out the key principles and approaches we will be working with and show you why the Tarot is one of the most powerful tools for insight and personal transformation.

Thursday 23th February

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 2:

The Power of the Major Arcana

Discover the insights that the 22 Major Arcana cards can give and how to make them relevant to yourself and your client. Learn their history and the important questions they ask about your life, as well as how you can remember their meanings quickly and effortlessly.

Thursday 2nd March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 3:

The Subtleties of the Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana adds subtlety and accuracy to your readings. In this module you will learn how to place them in your readings to give real depth to the message you are trying to convey.

Thursday 9th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 4:

The Holy Grail for the Tarot Reader

The one secret that will simplify your readings and make them much more powerful. You’re not going to learn this anywhere else. This is the real secret that is guaranteed to make you a highly gifted and sought-after Tarot reader, even if you have no previous experience of the Tarot. Once understood, this key secret that is never normally shared, will super-charge your progress to unimaginable heights.

Tuesday 16th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 5:

Understanding the Deeper Meanings of the Tarot

When to use more comprehensive spreads and how to conduct longer 30 to 60-minute sessions. Many people struggle to give longer readings but with my approach, even those sessions will flow effortlessly and accurately.

Thursday 23th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 6:

How To Really See Your Client’s Future And Help Them Transform It

Here you will be walked, step by step, through a full professional reading from the moment a client enters to when they leave, and their mind is blown. You will see Richard set the mood for the client and then he will break down the card spread. explaining exactly why he says what he does.

Thursday 30th March

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)

Week 7:

Bonus Week: The Inside Secrets To Building A Profitable Tarot Reading Practice

Learn the exact methods Richard has used to live a life of freedom and travel the world reading the Tarot. Discover what it takes to deliver accurate readings to TV and Movie stars as well as hard-nosed and sceptical CEOs and Industry Leaders. This is the inside track, revealed like never before.

Thursday 6th April

7pm - 9pm (UK/London Time)